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DSCN1218As the semester comes to a close it is natural to look back on all that we have done over the last four months.  Seventeen weeks ago skills were first assessed, goals were set, and students were challenged to work hard and “do the little things” to gain an edge.  It has been a busy four months with a lot of hours logged on the range, the course and in the gym.  The blog doesn’t offer enough room to show all of our hard work, so in order to keep it fun we decided to summarize our year so far with the Top 7 Games we like to play.

*Although, it should be noted: Student endorsement was not obtained prior to publishing this list.  Use of the term “Top 7” is simply because lists are what everyone does at the end of the year.*


1) The Silent Game –  Students play the first three holes in COMPLETE SILENCE. No noise. Not a word. At all.  The next three holes are played with incessent talking, especially during a players backswing.  This is a game to challenge a players mental focus.

2) Three Club Challenge – Students play 9 holes with ONLY 3 clubs.  The clubs are their choice but they can’t be switched for any holes over the nine.  This challenging game teaches players to become creative in their shot making.

3) Worst Ball Scramble – While fueling competition of a different variety – students don’t want the ball used to be THEIR ball, this game reminds students that every shot counts and helps to guide instruction for difficult trouble shots.




4) Drivers Only/Forward Tee – In this game students must hit off the most forward tee using their driver (excluding par 3’s).  Here students are challenged to work on their accuracy with the driver and their wedge play.

5)  Irons Only/Back Tee – The inverse to the above game, here students must play from the back tees and can only hit irons which forces them to work on their long iron play.

6)  Seventeen –   A student favorite played almost daily to wrap things up on the putting green.  A triangle of three holes and three tee markers gives each player nine putt attempts.  Players must hole out and the object of the game is to score 17 or better.  It’s a great game to simulate the pressure of putting everything out for a score, particularly on the statistically important distances under 20 feet from the hole.

7)  The Walker Game –  Named after Walker Campbell whom has proven quite adept at it!  (Undefeated, except for a loss to a visiting tour pro.)   This game is similar to “17” but with chipping and pitching onto the green, between two cones angled away from the hole.  Players have to play their ball through the cones before they can hole the putt out.  The repitition and short game practice around the greens with the added element of competition helps students focus on, again, making each shot count.




No matter the game, or even if it is simply an average game of golf, there is ALWAYS a competition at Golf Prep Academy.  Often negotiated while riding to the first tee, with heavy verbal imput from Rik regarding scoring.


Strokes are counted.

Skins are won.

Scores are calculated.

Victories are celebrated.

Play and games are an integral part of the learning process, and the competition fuels student growth and prepares them for the pressure of future competition.

We look forward to the games, the hard work, the “little things”, and more in 2014!





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