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  •  Academy training is scheduled monthly.  This program is individual in nature and customized based on the student’s needs.  The player will work with their coach at a minimum average one hour per week; however, a typical month will be between 6 and 10 hours.  Group on-course training and practice will occur based on the needs of students in the program.
  • Academy students have access to the Plantation Golf Club facility 7 days a week, with afternoon only tee time availability on the weekends.range
  • Students are expected to cross train with a certified fitness instructor. We assist in arranging the golf fitness sessions.
  • Individualized lesson plans will be built and shared using a web based coaching program called Edufii.  This interactive system, formatted similar to Facebook, allows students and parents easy access to view and work on their plan.
  • College advising available for additional fee.  For many junior golfers and their parents, preparing for college golf and contemplating the recruiting process is daunting. There are numerous elements and options to consider such as rankings points, junior tours and tournaments, NCAA rules and its eligibility clearinghouse, to name a few. We help our students navigate the critical steps and eliminate the stress.
  • Tournament observations available for additional fee.  The tournament observation option allows the coach to provide timely feedback and adjust practice plans as needed based on event participation.
  • The Elite full time program is limited to 6 students.

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"Training Junior Golfers for College and Beyond"