GOLFPREP One-to-One Junior Golf Academy

Unlike the typical academy that puts juniors in groups, we provide one-on-one coaching as the foundation for learning.  This is how Tour players train; no distractions, no generalizations, just a straightforward, personalized plan for success and lots of dedicated guidance.

The golf instruction will be led by GOLFPREP faculty members Tim Cooke and Simon Cooke. Tim is a PGA Master Professional, TPI Certified and Golf Digest Top 40 under 40 Instructor. Simon won three times while playing professionally, was a three time All America at UVA, former ACC Player of the Year and is a Science And Motion Certified putting instructor.

In a typical week a student in the program will receive two coaching sessions in a one-on-one environment. These coaching sessions will cover both full swing and all aspects of the short game.  Each week a student will also spend two sessions on the course with an instructor in a group setting. The on-course group setting fosters competition, focus, and camaraderie within a learning environment.  The fifth day of the week will be a supervised practice session or more time on the course.  Additionally, all practice time at the academy will be structured according to the individual’s plan for improvement. Students will be given a training plan to follow, which instills self-discipline and confidence; both vital components of playing great golf.
Technology:  GOLFPREP uses some of the latest technology in golf instruction including GASP high speed video, K-Vest 3D analysis, K-Trainer and SAM Putt Lab.

Practice Plans: Each student will have individualized practice plans to guide their work when they are not with an instructor.

Mental Conditioning: Dr. Bob Winters will visit with GOLFPREP students once a year and has helped to design the One-on-One Academy’s mental conditioning program. Dr. Winters is widely considered one of the world’s leading sports performance consultants helping players from the junior ranks to the PGA TOUR. Students will also meet with Dr. Winters frequently via skype video conference to ask questions that relate to their game.

Physical Fitness: At GOLFPREP we believe fitness is an integral part of improving one’s golf game and a TPI functional movement screening will help shape each student’s plan for development. Students will meet twice a week with a fitness professional in a group setting while following individual workout plans based on their movement screening.

Tournaments: Each semester students will be observed during tournament play on at least two occasions so progress can be monitored in a competitive setting. Students will also receive clothing provided by Cobra-PUMA Golf to wear at tournaments.

"Train to grow, prepare to win!"