The Sea Pines Resort Elite Junior Golf Academy operates from The Plantation Golf Club at The Sea Pines Resort home of The Golf Learning Center, Atlantic Dunes, and Heron Point Golf Courses on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina.  The instructional team is plantation-golf-club-exteriorled by Tim Cooke and Simon Cooke who have combined their years of experience in teaching and playing to create a philosophy that produces winning results for professionals, elite juniors, competitive amateurs and recreational golfers alike.

Our Academy was established in the summer of 2011 and has enjoyed three successful years helping students grow and develop in the game of golf.  Originally named GOLFPREP Academy, we have always had a high level of focus on individualized instruction, so much that we have referred to ourselves as the “One-to-One” Academy.  This focus on individualized direct instruction from the inception came from students seeking out individual instruction from our instructors, while still wanting an Academy setting.

Understanding that a larger group academy is not going to suit every player and every style of learner, the model for GOLFPREP Academy was born.  With a small number of students accepted, instruction started in the Fall of 2011.  This model was based on the successful instructional practices that have been used to guide juniors who have competed in and won AJGA, IJGT, HJGT events and are now or will soon be competing at such schools as Wake Forest, Louisville, Skidmore, USCB, James Madison, South Carolina, Elon and even beyond on the tour.

tim walker instuction

In December 2013 Tim Cooke was named the Director of Instruction for The Sea Pines Resort and GOLFPREP Academy moved to the new Golf Learning Center at the Plantation Golf Club in January 2014.  As The Sea Pines Resort Elite Junior Golf Academy we have been able take advantage of access to two challenging golf courses at this new location and world class facility.  The technology available was also increased to include not only FlightScope, K-Vest, and SAM Putt Lab, but now also TrackMan.

We believe it is important to always assess, modify and adjust to ensure best practices are in place.   Each year as an Academy we have evaluated our instructional model and made adjustments with the aim of providing the best learning environment for our students while continuing our focus on individualized instruction.  This year for 2016-2017, we are presenting a new schedule and framework that is designed to provide the focused instruction that has proven to be successful, balanced with purposeful supervised group sessions aimed at competitive skill building, and on-course play that allows for self discovery.

simon cameron bunker shot

At The Elite Junior Academy we have no model swing.  We have a system that breeds success as we create an efficient and effective swing, short game and way of thinking to help consistently lower scores.   This includes creating athletic golfers through drills as well as fitness two times per week in order to reduce the risk of injury and expand the student’s potential as a golfer. It also includes creating an environment where golfers embrace the challenges they are faced with on the course, accept the mistakes, and celebrate the successes.  Mental performance coaching will help students learn skills to deal with the emotions of competition during group sessions twice a month.

For more details about the program for this year please follow the link to Junior Academy.  For more details on our instructors please visit the Faculty page.




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